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Personal Chef Service in the Mat-Su, Anchorage and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a Personal Chef?

A: A personal chef serves several clients, usually one per day, and provides multiple custom designed meals for the client’s particular tastes and nutritional requirements. These meals are packaged and stored as per the client’s needs, to be enjoyed at their leisure.

Q: Do you cook in my kitchen?

A: All the meals are prepared in the safety of your own kitchen, according to required Health & Sanitation Department guidelines. On the agreed upon cook date, we will bring all the ingredients, utensils and equipment required to prepare your selections. At the end of the day, your kitchen will be left clean with nothing left behind except your delicious meals and the aroma of healthful home cooking.

Q: How long will you be in my home?

A: We’ll be preparing several different entrées and side dishes from scratch. It will take several hours to compile all of your meals. Although we can’t tell you exactly how many hours, we are willing to work with your schedule and make arrangements in advance so our cooking date fits into your schedule. Usually, clients are away at work while we cook and we are gone before they get home.

Q: I’ll be home that day. Is it okay if I watch or help?

A: Although we don’t mind explaining what we are working on while cooking, your chef will be working on several dishes at once which require full attention. You are welcome to stop in briefly, but we prefer to keep lengthier conversations for after the concentration on cooking is completed.

Q: What types of side dishes do you prepare?

A: We prepare side dishes which pair well with the entrées you have selected. For instance, if you select a delicious Prosciutto & Spinach Stuffed Pork Loin, your chef will prepare tasty Roasted Sweet Potatoes to accompany it. We always allow you to select and prepare your own green vegetables. Please let us know what you would like for the week and we can pick it up from the grocery when we shop for your fresh ingredients.

Q: Do I heat the food?

A: Yes. Any entrées that have been stored for you in your refrigerator with be left with heating instructions.

Q: How much freezer space do I need?

A: It depends on the number of meals you request and the size of the containers, but it does generally require a considerable amount of freezer space. Efficient storage is one of the reasons we prefer to select the uniform sized containers for your use.

Q: What will you store the food in and can you use my containers?

A: We offer disposable, reusable, and permanent options for food storage. Pyrex containers are very popular because of their versatility. Plastic containers are less expensive, but you will need to transfer the meals to an oven safe dish if heating in a conventional oven. If choosing a non-disposable option the containers will belong to you and after each usage simply wash them and leave them in a predetermined location. To optimize space we prefer to buy the containers that will be suitable for the entrées and sides, that way we know we have everything we need to efficiently store your meals for you.

Q: How long can I store my meals?

A: Most frozen entrees should be consumed within 2 months to ensure quality and freshness. Refrigerated (35 degrees - 38 degrees) should be consumed within 5 days of cooking, depending on the food type (fish within 3 days to be safe).

Q: The cost seems to be about the same as what I would pay for an entrée in a restaurant. Why is that?

A: The fee represents all components that make up the professional personal chef service. This includes a detailed assessment of your needs and dietary requirements, special diet research, menu planning, shopping for ingredients, meal preparation, packaging and storing your selections. Think of it this way: you are hiring me to prepare your meals in a thoughtful and highly personalized way tailored to your specific taste and dietary requirements.

When you go to a restaurant, you must drive there, possibly wait for a table, take a chance your server is having a good day, hope that your special requests are honored, pay for it, tip the server and drive home. If you have a personal chef, you can have a beautiful entrée that has been thoughtfully and carefully prepared to your palate and dietary requirements, enjoy it in pajamas if you like, in the comfort of your home.

Q: Do I pay you ahead of each cooking date?

A: Yes, it is customary to pay for the service in advance of your cooking date. If you like, you may leave your chef a check for the upcoming cooking date on the day he is cooking.

Q: How often will I need your service?

A: We’d be happy to help you determine how often you will want to schedule our Personal Chef Service to best serve your needs. We’ll make sure it supports your busy lifestyle without putting pressure on you.

Q: Can I order half of the regular service?

A: We wish we could make that available to you, but the service doesn’t really work that way. In order to keep business profitable we cannot take the same amount of cooking time and produce half the amount of food. It takes the same amount for planning, shopping and preparation time to cook 10 portions of food as it does 20 portions of food. If you are looking to stretch your dollars you could always ask for the portions to be packaged for 2 instead of 4 and the entrées could be eaten over two weeks instead of one.

Q: Do we have to sign a contract?

A: No, I do not require a contract or a commitment to a specific term of service. You pay for each cook date in advance. If you have to cancel a cook date, we will try to find an alternative cook date. You can cancel the service at anytime.

Q: Can I give your personal chef services as a gift?

A: Of course! Gift certificates are available for personal chef services, parties in your home, showers, and birthday parties.